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Free Lecture on Traditional Chinese Culture

The ethical values and principles derived from the traditional Chinese culture helped create 5,000-years of splendor in Chinese history.  Many of them are still helpful to the modern people.  We offer free lectures to any interested organizations.

The presentation currently offered is "The Renaissance of Traditional Chinese Culture and Shen Yun's Artistry." 

The outline:
  • The essence of genuine Chinese culture, its traditional values and principles
  • How and why it was lost
  • Current problems in China and our view of why they are happening
  • The driving forces of the renaissance: from heart to art
  • Transcending cultural boundaries -- how it touches a global audience and gives hope

The similar presentation has been given to libraries, corporations, churches, and schools in the DC metro area and other areas like New York and San Francisco. The audience members said it was very informational and inspiring.

Contact: Ms. Grace Yao (240) 688-6328, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it